SCI Trials Finder: Participate in Research!

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SCI Trials Finder matches people with spinal cord injuries and clinical trials. The website is designed to make it easy for you to locate, understand, and participate in clinical trials that fit your situation.

  • Trials carefully curated by experienced clinical investigators
  • Written in common language
  • Instant notifications about new trials without registration
  • Seamless contact to trial locations through a secure form

Start looking for research opportunities here:

New Article: Shoulder Injury and Pain After SCI

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Shoulder injuries are a common experience for many people. Prevention is the best approach and there are many factors that can be modified to reduce your risk of shoulder pain. These include stretching and strengthening your shoulder muscles, ensuring good posture, ergonomic assessments, bettering your wheelchair handling skills and more discussed in our new article!

Read it here: Shoulder Injury and Pain After SCI

New Article: Breastfeeding Following SCI: Consumer Guide for Mothers

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Few resources exist that talk about the effects a spinal cord injury (SCI) can have on breastfeeding. An international team, which includes women with SCI, health care providers, and SCI researchers, came together to create a guide to help address this information gap. This guide shares the most common issues women with SCI experience during breastfeeding, providing information, practical suggestions, recommendations, and key resources.

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