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How to Use This Site

About our content


In the Topics section, you will find articles that summarize the research evidence on a specific topic related to spinal cord injury. Please see SCIRE Community Evidence for more information on how we assess and use research evidence in our articles.

Article topics include:

  • SCI treatments
  • Health conditions related to SCI
  • Health services available to people with SCI
  • Environmental adaptations for SCI

Multilingual Handouts

Our Multilingual Handouts section includes all the articles found in Topics as PDFs in a number of languages, for convenient bookmarking, downloading, and printing. You can also access the PDF version of any article by clicking the button in each article page of the Topics section. 


A selection of educational and instructional videos are included in the Videos section. To see our entire video catalogue, please visit SCIRE’s YouTube channel.


The Resources section includes a collection of links to websites that have high quality educational resources, research resources, and links to community organizations and other groups.

SCIRE Professional

Visit the SCIRE Professional site if you are interested in more detailed information about individual studies and research methods written in academic language. If you are accessing this site as a health professional or researcher, you can check out the professional site for further content.

In the News

Our In the News section includes updates about our site and new content. We also periodically invite guest authors with expertise in spinal cord injury care to write short articles on new research or areas of interest. We hope this section can help you keep up to date on our content and make sense of emerging research about spinal cord injury.


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Glossary terms are highlighted throughout our written content using a dotted underline. Hover over these words with your device’s pointer (using a computer) or tap on the word (using a mobile device) to see a pop-up definition or visit the glossary page.


Navigating the site

  • You can browse our articles in the Topics section alphabetically or by area. Areas are groups of topics that are related to each other or treatments that are mainly used for a particular health condition.
  • You can view all our articles as PDFs in the Multilingual Handouts section.
  • You can search the website using the search button on the top menu on every page.
  • You can also find links to related pages as you read through our articles.