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What We Do

Spinal Cord Injury Research Evidence (SCIRE) Community provides free information about spinal cord injury research that is written in everyday language.

SCIRE Community is a new addition to the SCIRE Project. The SCIRE Project is an international collaboration of scientists and health professionals that provides systematic reviews of spinal cord injury research for health professionals and researchers through the SCIRE Professional website. The aim of SCIRE Professional is to enable SCI professionals to guide their practice based on current best evidence.

SCIRE Community has been developed to help make this same research-based information available to the larger community by writing in everyday language, providing more background information, and explaining the science behind the research.

Our goal is to help ensure everyone has access to information based on the latest science to help them understand spinal cord injury, manage health conditions, and live a healthy and fulfilling life.

This website is constantly being updated as new content is added – check back often for new updates!