How is this site funded?

All the content on SCIRE Community is free. No advertisements are allowed, we do not endorse any brand, we do not sell anything, and we do not allow commercial corporate sponsorship. Our resource is provided as a public service to anyone interested in evidence-based information about spinal cord injury.

SCIRE Community receives funding from Praxis Spinal Cord Institute and The Rick Hansen Foundation.

Is there a list of references for each article?

In the Topic section, the Reference list for each article can be found as the last drop-down item near the bottom of each page. Handouts have a brief list of references and include a link to the complete Reference list on the website.

What if I have questions about an article/handout?

You can leave a comment under any post on our Facebook or Twitter page. You can also contact us directly.

How are article topics chosen?

Article topics were originally selected by a working group of individuals including individuals living with SCI, clinicians, representatives of related organizations, and members of the SCIRE Project team. Priority is given to areas not yet covered by our current catalogue of articles. We also focus on content that highlights new developments in the field of spinal cord injury research in addition to covering the basics.

Can I submit an idea for a future article?

You can leave a comment under any post on our Facebook or Twitter page. You can also contact us directly.

Can I share your documents and videos?

Please do! We ask that you check out and adhere to our Copyright Guidelines.

How does SCIRE Community write articles?

SCIRE Community articles are often adapted from content on our partner-site SCIRE Professional which follows a detailed systematic review process. When content is adapted we may perform another review of literature to fill in any recent developments if significant time has passed since SCIRE Professional wrote about that topic.

Articles that are written first by SCIRE Community undergo the same systematic review process. If a topic area has much strong evidence, we will omit weaker studies. If there is not much information on a topic we will include weak evidence. Once our writing team completes an article it is reviewed by an expert on the topic, necessary changes are made, and it is published online.