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Research Centres

Interested in participating in a research study? Find out about research and current research initiatives here:

Experimental Treatments for Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI): What you should know if you are considering participation in a clinical trial: Informative document about important things to consider and understand if you are thinking about taking part in a clinical trial (experimental research study).

SciTrialsFinder: Find SCI-specific clinical trials that you can get involved in.

Spinal Cord Injury Trials: Find SCI-specific clinical trials that you can get involved in.


International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries (ICORD): Researchers dedicated to the development and translation of effective strategies to promote prevention, functional recovery, and improved quality of life after SCI.

Lawson Health Research Institute: An Ontario-based institute that aims to advance health care in various diseases and conditions of the body including SCI.

Rehabilitation Research Program: Located at GF Strong Rehab Facility in Vancouver, Rehab Research Lab conducts many research studies specializing in mobility and recovery from SCI.

SCI Action Canada: Research centre specializing in physical activity for people with SCI.

Spinal Cord Research Centre: Located in Winnipeg, this research centre focuses on understanding how the spinal cord works and ways to restore function after an injury.

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute: Research and clinical centre for rehabilitation based in Toronto, Ontario.

United States

Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Centre: A laboratory located in Louisville developing ways to repair the spinal cord after an injury.

Kessler Foundation Spinal Cord Injury Laboratory: A multidisciplinary lab in New Jersey that conducts studies and clinical trials to prevent function loss and eliminate secondary complications of SCI.

Miami Project to Cure Paralysis: This research centre aims to find more effective treatments and discover a cure for paralysis in individuals with SCI.

Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center: A federally funded centre in the US that develops free research-based resources for people with SCI as well as traumatic brain injury and burn injury.

Reeve-Irvine Research Centre: A Californian research facility that researches on repair and functional recovery following a SCI.

Shepherd Center: Established in Atlanta, this medical centre researches on treatments for people with neuromuscular conditions including SCI.

Spinal Cord Damage Research Centre: A team of researchers in New York that aim to prevent secondary complications of SCI.

Spinal Cord Injury Model System Centers: Federally funded centres in the US that provide a multidisciplinary system of rehabilitation care and conduct research to improve the lives of people with SCI.

University of Alabama Spinal Cord Injury Model System Information Network: Research and education information based out of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.